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🚀How Rujuta went from $12k per month to $30k...in less than 30 days!

Are you a womenswear fashion boutique making less than $30k per month?

No? Oops, sorry, please carry on with your day. ✌😅

But if that's a yes, then you may want to keep reading...

👋 Hi, my name is Hugo, and I make it stupidly simple for store owners like yourself to reach $30,000+ per month in revenue, in less than 60 days.

The best part? If I don't turn you a profit, then I'll happily send you a large fat invoice of... $0.00.

^^^ Yup, that wasn't a typo. I don't get paid until you get RESULTS.

Find out below how Rujuta was able to go from $12k per month to over $30k in less than 30 days.

P.S. Some pretty neat stuff is on the next page 😉

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What Goals Have My Ecom Clients Achieved?

Rujuta S. | Women's Sustainable Fashion Brand


Before working with Rujuta, she was only doing about $563 per day in revenue ($3,944.45 in a week).

But after helping her, in just 30 days she was able to increase her monthly recurring revenue and make $31,293.85 in August 2022!

òL New York | Progressive Menswear Brand


For Allen, his brand's monthly revenues have always stayed at or below the $4k p/m mark.

But after implementing our proven "4D Framework", he was able to DOUBLE his monthly recurring revenue in the first month to $6,948.75!

Vybe I. | National Six-Figure Modern Art Gallery Brand


Get ready because this case study is HUGE

Vybe was doing okay in terms of results, but we pushed the sales EVEN FURTHER.

After several strategy sessions and tests, we were able to increase FB revenues from $70,929.56 to $98,380.21.

That's almost a $30k increase in....you guessed it....just 30 days!

What My Clients Say About Me

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Hey Hugo! I have so many customers coming in that I can’t even keep up the pace!"

Rochelle C.

Fresno, USA

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Hugo really thinks like an owner! ROAS went from 150% to 300% with his creatives!

Marek B.

Prague, CZ

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Hugo was an amazing media buyer. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him."

Clinton V.

Toronto, CA

Why 99% of FB Ad Agencies Make One of Four Fatal Errors with Your Brand's Adspend...

I've seen business owners get burned by agencies time and time again.

The most frustrating part? It's still happening every single day. 


The 4D Framework

    After managing over $1,000,000+ in adspend, I've developed a no-nonsense framework that helps womenswear fashion boutiques all over the world reach $30k+ per month consistently in this post-iOS 14 world.


  • Unlike most agencies or freelancers who will blindly "test, test, and test" new ads and audiences, I do comprehensive metric analyses to find the bottleneck in your ads' performance.


  • Even the tiniest errors made in the FB campaign settings can result in catastrophic failures over the long-run. With me, you can rest easy that I'll be using all the up-to-date best practices.


  • This isn't always the case, but sometimes I find that brands promote a certain product angle or message that don't resonate with their ideal customers. When it does happen, it's devastating to your metrics across the board. I'll ensure that we fix it from the very start so that your potential customers relate to your message on a deeper level.

  • DATA

  • Does your brand currently use FB's standard pixel tracking? Or maybe Shopify's default CAPI connection? Sadly, both of those methods are ineffective in the aftermath of iOS 14.5, and thus your ROAS gets punished.

    Our method involves AEMs, UTMs, as well as advanced user data de-identification & structuring, and feeds FB's machine learning to give you a better edge than virtually 99% of your competitors.

So...what is it that I do exactly?

I help Womenswear Fashion Boutiques Reach $30k/month in Less than 60 Days Using High ROAS Facebook & Google Ads!

You can find out about the details later. The most important thing now is for you to decide whether you WANT to reach $30k or not. If you do, feel free to learn more about how my proven system works by clicking on the case study below.

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